Wednesday, April 12, 2006

04/13 class

It's Donut Day (ie. last class).

Post your donut wishes, else get a plain jane donut in the a.m.

On hand for tomorrow:

1. Fill out teacher evaluation forms (no connection to the donuts, I assure).

2. I'll do a full-semester recap -- I'd like to touch upon some of the themes that we first explored in the first few weeks and restate what our goal/definition of the "Convergence of Media" and the challenges (and opportunities) for creating content that spans across media/distribution.

3. Final Project Presentation Plan discussion (still thinking Tuesday, 4/25 at 5 pm)


Blogger BenW said...

coconut donuts are pretty awesome, as are butternut or butternut crunch or whatever they are called I dont know. I can get along with most types.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Ravi said...


7:40 AM  

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