Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DIY classcast 04/06

Okay kids, here's your chance to create a "live classcast" experience. Follow these easy steps:

1. Put on some funky ambient music
2. Fade music after 5-10 seconds
3. Say, "This is the Special Topics in Multimedia Classcast for April 6th"
4. Fade up music for short blast then fade way, way down.
5. Say, "It's all about final projects from now on. We'll go through some demonstrations that can help you with your final projects: a look at how you can customize your blog templates and some more things we can do in QuickTime Pro and TextEdit to add chapters and/or URL links to your video files. After that we'll have lab time and I can answer any questions you may have. Remember we should have 'an arm' done by now!"
6. Slowly fade music back up.
7. Say, "We'll see you tomorrow... Jain out!"
8. Fade down music.


Blogger BenW said...

i got arms like an octopus!

12:06 AM  
Blogger Ravi said...

Excellent ben... excellent.

8:07 AM  

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