Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pirates of the Digital Age- Presentation

On March 13th, at around 5:30 pm the Business, Law and Multimedia class will be hosting the authors of the book "Pirates of the Digital Millennium : How the Intellectual Property Wars Damage Our Personal Freedoms, Our Jobs, and the World Economy". John Gantz and Jack Rochester will be speaking on Intellectual Property and Copyright law and how it impacts us.

The book is great too- you can order it cheap from, or even download it! I would recommend that everyone reads this book - especially creatives.

The presentation will mostly likely take place on the first floor of Ryder hall, in one of the classrooms near the School of Architecture office.


Blogger Ravi said...

I missed this but would love to hear about it.

Kristin, if you were there, can you recap in class?


10:16 PM  

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